Jack and Zarig Youredjian Stand by AUA Students at Difficult Times

Philanthropists and “AUA Pillars” Jack and Zarig Youredjian, are community leaders who recognize needs and take action. They believe in AUA’s mission and are partners with the University in its continued efforts of shaping the next generation of leaders in the homeland.

When COVID-19 spread around the world and directly impacted students at AUA, the University reached out to its community of supporters to help address many challenges. The Youredjian Family Charitable Foundation responded with compassion, supporting AUA students generously so that they can continue with their education in the face of crisis.

Jack Youredjian was born in Jerusalem. He attended the American University of Beirut and knows first hand the impact a western-style education has on advancing regions of the world. Jack received his doctorate of pharmacy from the University of Southern California. After working a few years in a hospital, he opened his first pharmacy followed by multiple pharmacies over time. In 1980 he started Western Drug/Lifeair, which now has eight divisions across California.

Jack, like many students at AUA, received assistance from Armenian philanthropists and foundations to attend university. “My higher education would not have been possible without the support of AGBU and The Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation,” Jack says. “I hope I can make a difference in the lives of the coming generations. I strongly believe that education is the future of our motherland.”

“As Armenians, we are very proud of AUA and the wonderful work that the University does in educating the future leaders of Armenia,” Jack and Zarig state. “We remember Dr. Mihran Agbabian fondly and applaud his efforts and hard work that he put in to move his vision forward by establishing a remarkable institution like AUA in Armenia.”

The entire AUA community is very grateful to the Youredjian Family who makes the AUA dream possible for many bright minds in Armenia. These minds then go on to build a stronger and more prosperous country thanks to the knowledge and skills they acquire at AUA.