Our Proud Pillars


The Compassionate Piano Teacher Becomes an AUA Pillar
A Tradition of Giving
The Big Picture Drives All That We Do in Armenia
Leaving a Legacy: From Founder to Pillar
 A Passion for Peace and Prosperity; Matthew Mashikian on Becoming a Pillar
An Interview with Hratch Kouyoumjian, One of the 100 Pillars of AUA
"We have supported AUA for several years, both financially and as on-site volunteers, and felt that 100 Pillars was the next step in showing our commitment to the University and Armenia's future. "- Linda Shahinian and Herb Schiff

100 Pillars of AUA window at the entrance of Paramaz Avedisian Building


Paul Rouben Adalian
Bryan & Valina Agbabian
Mihran & Elizabeth Agbabian
Michael Agbabian
Nareg Garo Aghjayan
Vicken & Sossy Aharonian 
Zaven P. & Sonia Akian
Kurken & Armine Alyanakian
Maral Dabaghian – Anjargolian 
François Antounian & Suzy Missirian Antounian
Gary & Delores Arabian In Memory of George J. Arabian
Abp. Hovnan Derderian Scholarship Fund of the Western Diocese 
Armenian Missionary Association of America
Garo Armen
Carol Bagdasarian Aslanian
Edward S. & Eleonore M. Aslanian
Edward & Pamela Avedisian
Hovhannes Avoyan & Anahit Martirosyan
AUA Class of 1993
David & Christine Balabanian
Diane Jean Barsam
Vartkes & Hasmik Barsam Family
Sarkis & Ruth Bedevian
Bedik Muran Foundation
In Memory of Hagop & Alice Bezjian
Razmig Boladian & Ani Vartanian Boladian 
In Memory of Kricor & Victoria Chakmaklian
Sargis Chenberjyan
Samuel Chekijian
Yervant Chekijian
Zaruhy Sara Chitjian
William J. Cumbelich & Sara Kachadoorian Cumbelich
Nazareth & Ani Darakjian
Roland & Anita Danielian
Yervant Demirjian
Levon Der Bedrossian
Armen & Nelly Der Kiureghian
Isabelle Z. Dokouzian 
Vazken & Maro Ekmekjian
Martin & Effie Eskijian 
William & Jane Frazer
Charles & Julia Ghailian
Vigen & Houry Ghazarian
Harry & Katrina Glorikian
Edward Godoshian
Golden State Bank
Razmik Grigorian and his entire family
Armen & Nora Hampar
Hirair & Anna Hovnanian Foundation
Jack Munushian Charitable Trust
Adam & Rita Kablanian
In Memory of Shoghagat & Boghos Kalaidjian
Kevork & Sevan Kalenderian
Karekin G. & Zhanet Kaprelian
In Memory of Stepan Karamardian
Anne & Garo Kiremidjian
Michael & Hasmik Ghevondyan Kouchakdjian
Hratch & Carolyn Kouyoumdjian
Vazrik & Alice Makarian
Varant & Sevan Markarian
In Memory of Nubar & Hermine Lucie Marcarian
Noraik Markarian In Memory of Varastad Markarian
Matthew & Margarethe Mashikian
Samvel & Gohar Mayrapetyan
Vahe & Armine Meghrouni
Karnig & Santoukht Mikaelian
Caro & Rebecca Minas
Kris Mirzayan & Pamela Ascher Mirzayan
In Memory of Ovsanna Misserlian
Edward & Vergine Misserlian
National Raisin Company, Fowler, California
Nazar & Artemis Nazarian
Kenneth & Cynthia Norian
Garnik & Hilda Ohanian
Noubar & Tracy Ouzounian
Arthur Petrosian & Narine Sarvazyan
Apo & Christina Panossian
Lawrence & Mary Pitts
Hratch & Helga Sarkis
Hrag & Shahan Sarkissian
Jirayr & Serpoug Sarkissian
Vahe & Nora Sarkissian
Kenneth Clark & Hasmig Seropian
Berge & Vera Setrakian
Linda Shahinian & Herb Schiff
Louise M. Simone
Sam & Sylva Simonian
Sinan & Angele Sinanian
Scholae Mundi Foundation 
Ara Tekian In Memory of parents Marie & Sarkis Tekian
Annie Simonian Totah
Gerald & Patricia Turpanjian
Sebouh & Varty Vartanian
Mikael & Karen Vardanyan
In Memory of Levon A. Yacoubian & In Honor of Marie-Louise Yacoubian
Karnig & Anahid Yacoubian
Jack & Zarig Youredjian
Yervant & Rita Zorian

Why Did I Become an AUA Pillar?

“I joined the 100 Pillars of AUA because I believe giving unrestricted funds to AUA will allow President Der Kiureghian and his administration to direct resources where they are most needed ensuring AUA’s continued growth. Faculty recruitment, student scholarship, program development, research initiatives and campus expansion are just some of the critical areas where unrestricted funds will have the greatest impact. I can say this with complete confidence and conviction having been the first president of AUA.” – Mihran Agbabian

“Our family believes in supporting Armenian organizations, who have a meaningful impact and who have shown themselves to raise the bar on the quality of their programs and outcomes, consistently year over year. AUA is such an organization.” – Edele Hovnanian  

I became an AUA Pillar because of my involvement with AUA since its inception and my belief that it fulfills an important role in promoting Western education in Armenia along with the other institutions of higher education in the country. “ – Berge Setrakian

“AUA’s financial health will assure its success in providing Citizens with a superior education to meet the country’s needs and others in the region. Pillars are making that happen.” – Lawrence and Mary Pitts

“We believe in AUA’s mission, and this is the least we can do to help it succeed.” – Matthew and Margarethe Mashikian

“I became a Pillar of AUA because I am very proud of the University of California’s role in the founding of and maintenance of the quality of AUA, and I hope by becoming a Pillar to help enhance that quality.” – William Frazer  

“AUA educates future leaders of Armenia and we are proud to support its mission.” – Armen and Nelly Der Kiureghian

“If we can deliver extraordinary education, we will have fulfilled the dreams and continue the tradition of our 5000 year ancestry. With AUA we have an opportunity to accomplish this, let us not miss it.”  – Garo Armen

“AUA is providing Armenia’s youth with an excellent education and preparing the graduates to compete successfully worldwide in emerging fields.  In a short visit I saw the students’ enthusiasm, camaraderie, collaboration and love for and what AUA offers.” –  Hratch Kouyoumdjian

“We believe in the mission of AUA which is to educate the next generation leaders of Armenia and equip them with Western style critical and ethical thinking. These graduates will serve as the pillars upon which a prosperous Armenia can be built and sustained.” – Adam and Rita Kablanian

“We are very pleased and proud to be among the Armenians all over the world, who have the real opportunity to participate in the development of higher education in Armenia. We believe that this donation is direct contribution to the future of our country.” – Gohar and Samvel Mayrapetyan

“AUA is a bridge between Armenia and America on many grounds—culturally, academically…Remember, your responsibility is not only to yourself and your families, but to your country.” –  Stepan Karamardian, co-founder of AUA, in his address to the first class of AUA students in 1991

“AUA has a special place in my heart, and I strongly believe that investing in our students is the biggest gift that one can make. Education is the best catalyst for change and progress. As a visiting faculty, I have witnessed AUA’s extraordinary growth over the past quarter century due to its excellent graduates and leadership. As one of AUA’s Pillars, I am committed to its continued success to make a positive impact in our homeland and beyond.” – Ara Tekian